Privacy Policy

This website is a personal project of Nicu Ilie. And yet still is a personal project.

The full url of website is The name is Comersant at Wansait, and the description is The Webshop Portal.

For the general public who visit this website, there are no personal data collected directly. But the website use third party services for monitoring the audience, for serving adds, for security and for integrate the content with the shops presented as content. So, the website include cookies from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Akismet, Jetpack, Profitshare, 2Performant. Some listing pages can include cookies from the shop presented in that list.

Also, for the visitors who want to comment, rate the content, publish a review, or add a new online shop in directory the Comersant website use own cookies. Personal data collected are reduced at minimum for assuring the functionality: an email address and a username. The data collected is not further processed, integrated, transmitted to third parties or used in ways other than those for which the users have explicitly consented.

If an user or a shop representative add some other info – as comment, rating, review, testimonial etc. – in the forms provided for public information, that content will be considered public content and will be visible on website. All information proposed for publication – commercial infos offered by shop owners, or comments, reviews, so on, may be evaluated and verified by site owner and may be erased without notification. The main reasons for which a information can be erased are: inappropriate placement – in other fields or sections than scheduled – inconsistency with the truth, offensive language, discrimination, disrespect for other users, low quality of language, scraped content, spam, links to malicious software.

Copyright and usability

Comersant, The Webshop Directory include a vast content of public data. All raw data can be used without notification – with or without quoting Comersant as source. But the selection of data and the organized information are protected by copyright rules. You cannot clone, copy, capture, download and use pages, listings and any aggregated content, reviews, comments etc. without an explicit accord from the owner of Comersant. For all that, as well as for the articles in Blog and News sections, the copyright is owned by Comersant – all rights protected. If some content will be released under a CC license or in Public Domain, the content will be specifically marked.

Use the Contact page for requests related to your own user account and for requests related to copyright.

For Community – Forum section, see Forum – Privacy policy and Terms.